Noteworthy work.....
02 January 2023

Noteworthy work.....
Today on 02 June 2023, Goodwill visit to Farm DSS by dignitaries from Asian Development Bank, Maharashtra Agribusiness Network Project (Magnet) and Grant Thornton. During this visit, all the dignitaries visited the improved cowshed of Desi Gir cows and learned information about fodder management as well as management of milk products, cow urine and cow dung including dung gas production by Hon'ble Dalimbaratna Shri BT Gore Sir. After this while giving information about sustainable pomegranate crop production, a trunk method, importance of double lateral in water management, bed method, crop cover to prevent sunburn, fruit bag, English newspaper demonstrations and canopy management demonstrations were given. After this, the dignitaries inspected the slurry unit, Gayatri Sanjeevani fertilizer and automation unit for water management. After that information was given about how natural mango farming is done by conserving water. During this visit, Dalimbaratna Shri B T Gore sir gave the dignitaries the complete information about how Farm DSS Parivar works for the benefit of the farmers. 
dignitaries present,
Asian Development Bank Dignitaries
1. Mr. Masahiro Nishimura, Principal Rural Development Specialist, SAER/Mission Leader, ADB
2. Mrs. Rika Idei, Transport Specialist, ADB
3. Mrs. Princess O. Lubag, Associate Operations Officer, ADB
4. Mr. Brando M. Angeles, Associate Environment Officer, ADB
5. Mr. Sunil Choukiker, Staff Consultant (Environment), ADB
6. Mr. Krishan S. Rautela,Associate Project Officer (Infrastructure), INRM, ADB
7. Mr. Raghavendra R. Naduvinamani, Project Analyst, INRM, ADB
8. Mr. Girish Mahajan, Senior Environment Officer, ADB
9. Mr. Sumeet Rathore, Associate Safeguards Officer, INRM, ADB
10. Mr. Govind B. Desai, Social Development Officer (Gender), ADB

11. Mr. Nitin Patil, Dy. Project Director, MAGNET
12. Mr. Deepak Salunkhe, Project Officer, MAGNET
13. Mr. Vijay Jagtap, Project Officer, MAGNET

14. Mr. Chetan Bhakkad, Deputy Team Leader, MAGNET and Partner, Grant Thornton
15. Dr. Indu Ram Chandra, Social Specialist, MAGNET
16. Mr. Ajinkya Atkare, Manager, Grant Thornton
17. Miss Pranjali Pethkar, Consultant, Grant Thornton.