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Why Farm DSS ? One Stop Solution for All Farming Community Needs


    At Farm DSS, we are an agile team working ahead of time to develop solutions on pressing problems of farmers on various fronts including agronomical practices, inputs and various other back to basics principals. We are delivering these solutions in interactive media format which are becoming popular among farmers for education and learning purpose.

    Importance of education is still most ignored area in Farming and still there is large group of farmers doing farming without any proper technical knowledge.

    In reality farming is a science which needs proper knowledge and education.

    With proper knowledge of science of any crop, farmers can get excellent results in terms of quality of produce, yield and profitability.

    Due to various uncertainties and challenges, educated youth is not inclined to choose farming as their core profession by choice.

  • IT Enabled and Media Based Agriculture Extension Activities

    Farm DSS Mobile App:

    In order to bring more precision and authenticity in delivering specific to farm solutions for farmers in diversified climatic and geographical conditions of India, Farm DSS came up with a unique solution of Farm DSS mobile application launched in 2019. Farm DSS app is using robust, complex algorithms at backend to derive precision package of practice specific to a farm once farmer is giving input on various variable parameters while registering the farm on app. Farm DSS mobile application is having various unique features and has resulted in various success stories of 100’s of farmers.

    Agri Academia Mobile App:

    To provide one stop solution for agriculture education we have a unique learning platform for farmers which we call “Farmers Digital School” Agri Academia Mobile application launched in Feb 2022 is open platform for various verified Agriculture experts to deliver live and recorded courses on various agriculture topics and various crops. Farm DSS is also featuring various live and recorded courses on Agri Academia. Currently available in 3 languages, Agri Academia App which has got overwhelming acceptance by farmers for learning in a very short time span. More than 20 thousand farmers have subscribed to more than 40 thousand courses on application within 6 months of launch.

  • Online Live Training Programs

    As a response to Covid, Farm DSS Agritech came up with solution of Live Online Trainings for farmers. An innovative training programs are designed for farmers and delivered in Hindi and Marathi through zoom application in live mode. Below are the few of the popular programs:

    1. 50 Hrs Pomegranate Mastery

    2. 15 Hrs Pomegranate Bahar Management

    3. 15 Hrs Plant Nutrition Mastery

    4. 10 Hrs Irrigation and Fertigation Management

    5. 10 Hrs Crop Protection Mastery

    so far, more than 7000 farmers have attended it in 24 batches.

What We Offer?

  • For Growers

    Knowledge bank on Farm DSS for their information and knowledge needs. Our Agri Academia Application serves as interactive multilingual learning platform. Users can access live and recorded courses on Agri Academia App. Farmers can also get crop advisory and precision package of practice on Farm DSS Mobile Application..

  • For Agri Consultants

    Knowledge and proficiency are the key to your success as an agricultural expert. Knowing more means you can make better decisions and bring additional added value to your clients. By taking the online training programs of Farm DSS, you can gain the practical and theoretical knowledge that you need.

  • For Agri Community Stakeholders

    Farm DSS is having multiple avenues for various stakeholders in Agriculture Industry. Service providers and Agripreneur can list their services on Farm DSS platform and connect with more than 100 Thousand farmers. We are also providing professional trainings for input companies employees on technical and behavioral topics.

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I feel proud that Mr. Babasaheb Gore is my student. Thousands of students come out every year to help the farmers with the benefit of knowledge acquired from Agriculture University. But the work that is being done by Agri Academia is very innovative. With the use of technology through the mobile application, cultivation could managed in accordance to weather, soil and water analysis report, and according to crop stage. It will be definitely beneficial to reduce the increased cost of production and to yield poison free farm produce.

Dr. Sharad Nimbalkar Farmer Vice Chancellor, Dr. PDKV, Akola

Residue-free farming practices are very important for Healthy India. When we attended 2 days training session of Agri Academia at Gore Sir's farm, we've noticed that, it is very easy to convince a farmer through technology. This training is very useful to our team to achieve the set goals.

Mr. Hanumantrao Gaikwad Founder President, BVG India

We have recently harvested our Pomegranate Plot.

At first harvest we have harvested around 55 tons and still we have 15 tons yet to be harvest in second harvest. Before joining your Online Training Classes we are getting around 25 to 30 tons and lot of diseases in plot, After joining your Pomegranate Mastery Classes we got Theoretical & Practical knowledge. Even good yield & quality products.

Really we are enjoying & happy to do agricultural in Pomegranate.

B T Gore sir, You came us for as New Hope, You are the God of Pomegranate & True Magician in Pomegranate.

We Hope you please suggest us in upcoming day’s also.

Thanks a lot to B T Gore sir & your Farm DSS Team.

Kiran Galagali Farmer

Farm DSS is an App of lot of Information & guidance. I am following the Schedule of Hast Bahar & getting excellent results.

Flowering is abundant & stroke is longer.

I am thankful to Farm DSS staff & Shri. B T Gore sir for this amazing App.

Shirish Dengale Farmer

Thank You Farm DSS Team
For giving valuable recommendations and timely suggestions in overcoming the intermediate issues and helping me in achieving 25 kg/plant.
This year production was 4Ton more than last year and gross income also more than
3 lakhs.
This I could achieve because of Farm DSS & Pomegranate Online Training. 

Jinnappa Budavi Farmer

Thank you so much for the yesterday's pomo training program conducted by BT gore sir, in chikkaballapura.this training was extremely helpful. A big thank you for making things clearer and for all your wonderful tips!

Vishwanath H P Farmer