Farm dss is knowledge supply source for Farmers which helps them to fill the gap of scientific research and actual Farming ,it contains knowledge bank as one source and a videos of training program another which has year long access Farmers will be also benefited through Crop Advisory & Schedules, Farm dss as a platform Integrates Agri input Industry, dealers ,buyers ,etc which helps farmer to get good quality inputs at best price discovery as he gets more options at one platform , Farmer will also get Continuous updates of Agricultural sector .


Agripreneurs will be benefited as FARM DSS is the the platform on which both agripreneurs (Agri Input Dealers, Corporate Agri Input Companies, Nurseries, Service Providers) and farmers can deal in a win-win situation.Farm dss serves the need of one platform for all the stakeholders at one place so that better product and price discovery will take place ,Farm dss generate great Business opportunity for young Agripreneurs .

Agri Commodity Buyers and Traders

Through our platform Buyers and Traders will get input needs from our farmers due to which all stake holders will able to avail good services and better options and quality products and best price discovery.

Training Program


During Training #DalimbRatna_Mr_B_T_Gore Will Teach you Scientific Details related to pomegranate Farming in a simple manner using Practical Examples. By this Training, the Farmer will Learn the Best Practices of Pomegranate, Growing which will lead to the best quality yield per acre at a very Low Cost of Cultivation Along with that Farmer will also get Aware of Health Conscience due to Harmful Chemicals.

Benefits Of Training


✅ India's 1st 50 Hours Online Training on Pomegranate Farming ✅ Training will Comprise of Detailed Sessions from Plantation to Harvesting ✅ During Training, various aspects of Pomegranate Growing like Disease Control, Nutrition, Irrigation will be Taught in a detailed Manner ✅ Online Training will be for 10 day's Daily, ✅ It will be for Around 5 Hours During Which there will be Short Question Hours Sessions ✅ After completion of 10 day's Training, ✅ There is a Complete 1-day Session on Question Hours.

About Company

Why Farm DSS (An Agri-Tech) Pvt Limited ?

What Exactly Farmdss Is Delivering?

An Agritech which is working for collaborating all stakeholders in horticultural crops at one platform for better services. Through mobile application Named as FarmDss ,We provide complete plot consultancy in pomegranate farming right form preplantation to harvesting stage During this we provide best agricultural practices in the schedule also farmer can ask question and get reply form out R&D team on real time basis. Another feature for our farmers is Knowledge bank using which farmer can learn about various topics in detailed and updated manner. Farmdss helps farmers to save resources and energy at every stage of crop. Farmdss links all stakeholders FARMER->AGRI PRACTICES->INPUT DEALERS->SERVICE PROVIDERS which is adding value in the supply chain and benefits every one in great way. Farmdss by adding value at each stage of supply chain helps to discover best product and price.

Precision Pomegranate Farming

Precision Pomegranate Farming is only course in India where you will learn everything about Pomegranate farming. This course includes various topics like Plant Selection, Soil Selection, Land Preparation, Planting material, Method of Plantation, Drip Irrigation, Filter Unit, Mulching, Canopy Management, Nutrient Management, Bahar Management, Integrated Disease & Pest Management, Safe Use of agro chemicals, MRL & PHI, etc. This course covers almost all pain-points of pomegranate growers, through that they get trained to practice good agricultural practices and ensure environmental safety .

Value Addition in Agriculture

Right from PRE-PLANTATION stage we engaged knowledge at every stage so that farmer will learn good agricultural practices and will be able to produce cost intensive crop ,also farmer will be able to choose proper chemicals and its appropriate usage at right time , Farm dss links all stakeholders on one platform due to which all of them get various options at one place which leads to great price discovery and this adds value at every stage .

Our Future Aim

To help farmers to Fight with climate change issue and ensure global food security and supply ,By supply of knowledge at every stage of cultivation we aim to create green supply chain and cost intensive cropping .We Focuses to harnessed the demographic dividend of INDIA by increasing variety in their food basket ,which will also bring nutritional security ,Through our platform we to help farmers how to adopt new technologies so that they will be able to produce cost intensive crops and will avail best price discovery for their produce ,We also aim to reduce pollution and GHC emission by following good agricultural practices and our commitment to green supply chain .


Mr. Babasaheb Tukaram Gore An Agricultural Trainer-Educator and Researcher in  Punica Granatum (Pomegranate),also a  Agri-Tech Preneur . Founder Farm Dss Agritech Private Limited Agri Academia mobile app - India's first training insitute for training farmers to empower them for safe food production and trained them to follow  good agricultural practices for his/her and environmental safety. Farm Dss mobile app - It is farmer friendly mobile application for detailed plot consultantancy and for delivering upto date knowlege in pomogranate farming ,this application serves multiple task of multiple stakeholders at same place. Address -   Survey no 300 Rajuri . Taluka - Rahata, Dist. Ahmednagar, Pincode – 413737, Maharashtra (India) Email   : 

About Company

About Us

“Farmers Empowerment through Supply of Knowledge and trained them with good agricultural practices for producing safe and nutritious food for a healthy society.”
MR BabaSaheb Gore,
Founder and CEO


Residue free farming practices are very important for Healthy India.

When we attended 2 days training session of Agri Academia at Gore Sir’s farm, we’ve noticed that, it is very easy to convince a farmer through technology.

This training is very useful to our team to achieve the set goals.

Mr. Hanumantrao Gayakwad.

Founder President, BVG India.

I feel proud that Mr. Babasaheb Gore is my student.

Thousands of students come out every year to help the farmers with the benefit of knowledge acquired from Agriculture University. But the work that is being done by Agri Academia is very innovative.

With the use of technology through the mobile application, cultivation could managed in accordance to weather, soil and water analysis report, and according to crop stage.

It will be definitely beneficial to reduce the increased cost of production and to yield poison free farm produce.

Dr. Sharad Nimbalkar

Former Vice Chancellor, Dr. PDKV, Akola

The way Agri Academia doing extensional activity in agriculture is noticeable. Because team of Mr. Babasaheb Gore gives perfect solution for a particular problem through farmers’ training, consultancy, social media and real time consultancy application i.e. ‘FarmDSS’.
Farmer’s education is a must for reduction in production cost and residue free food production and Agri Academia is doing the same.

Dr. H. P. Singh.

Founder President - CHAI