(October 2021) Precision Pomegranate Farming Training

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About Training Mr. Babasaheb Gore, Founder, and CEO of Agri Academia is going to conduct this online course for all pomegranate farmers, Agri extension persons, consultants/agronomists, Agri input dealers, Agri companies, and representatives. Shri. Babasaheb Gore sir has a long experience of 15 years in pomegranate cultivation and training. So far more than 9835 farmers have benefited from the paid training and have addressed +150K farmers through free farmer churches. For the farming community, he is always thinking of new education models, so thousands of farmers are following him through YouTube, Facebook, and What's App. He also developed a mobile platform "Farm DSS". Through this, he is giving precise advice to pomegranate growers. Due to the innovative approach, they have developed a 10-day online course for pomegranate farmers. Details are given in the schedule. Mr. Babasaheb Gore is giving online paid training (on zoom application). So far 3000+ participants have benefited from this training. In this training, various states of India, as well as foreign countries like Sri Lanka, Malaysia, USA, Pakistan, etc farmer participants, took advantage of online paid training. Who can join 1. Pomegranate farmer 2. Consultants / Agronomists 3. Agri input company representative 4. Agri input dealers - Details Schedule Day 1: Pomegranate Scenario Pomegranate Scenario Opportunity for pomegranate grower Benefits Nutritional value Pomegranate farmers should have? Variety Questions and answers Day 2: Pomegranate Plant Physiology Soil and water Biotic and abiotic stress Plant parts – Root Stem Leaf Flowers Fruit Diseases and pests on plant parts The flow of nutrients through plants Five phenomenal stages of pomegranate Questions and answers Day 3: Pomegranate Disease Management Pomegranate Crop Protection - Diseases Methods of disease management Cultural Mechanical Physical Organic Chemical Integrated control Symptoms Favorable conditions Control measures Questions and answers Day 4: Pomegranate Pest Management and Weeds Pomegranate Crop Protection - Pests Insect groups based on their method of damage Sucking insects Exterior feeding kit for plant parts Inside feeding kit for plant parts Pests inside the soil Methods of pest management Cultural Mechanical Physical Organic Chemical Integrated control Symptoms Favorable conditions Life cycle The nature of the damage Control measures Weed management Questions and answers Day 5: Pomegranate planting Pre-pomegranate planting activities Climate and soil Types of Bahar Ambia Bahar Mrug Bahar Hasta Bahar Site selection Problems in different soils Black soil Rocky soil Sandy soil Rocky soil CaCo3 soil Soil Testing for CaCo3 Control measures for CaCo3 soil CaCo3 Precautions in Soils Land preparation Planting material Planting method Plantation Mulching Drenching Questions and answers Day 6: Irrigation and Fertigation Irrigation Advantages of drip irrigation Water requirement Soil type and Infiltration Type Formation of alkaline subsurface Why irrigation is necessary Installation and maintenance Why the absolute necessity of filtration Drip clogging Types of filters Bad effects of single lateral Effect of excess irrigation Water management in Early stage Time of operation Number of drippers depending on soil type The modern irrigation scheduling approach Factors affecting water consumption Do we really know? When and how much irrigation is to be done. Acid treatment Fertigation method Questions and answers Day 7: Plantation and Canopy Management What to do up to 18 months after planting? Canopy management Water shoot management Impact of water shoot management Topping Pruning after 6th month Proper irrigation Adverse effects of excess-irrigation Inter-crop How to increase the width of the bed? Schedule for 18 months Questions and answers Day 8: Plant nutrition Agricultural Nutrition - Plant - Human Relations Plant nutrition basics Functions of plant nutrients The factor causing nutrient deficiency 16 Nutrients and their role in plants as well as deficiencies Antagonism and Synergism Fertilizer compatibility Chelates Sulfates vs. Chelates Types of chelating agents The action of chelates in the soil Fertilizer Fertilizer application method Fertigation pH Results of pH on nutrient availability pH effect in roots EC Reason causing deficiency Water-soluble fertilizers Soil pH and availability of nutrients Solubility of fertilizers Fertilizer compatibility Fertigation injectors Improve soil fertility Organic culture Organic slurry White root management Advantages of organic and plastic mulching Biofertilizers Questions and answers Day 9: Bahar Management What is bahar management? What are the five phenomenal states of pomegranate? \ Storage state Stress state Flower and fruit setting stage Fruit development stage Maturity and harvest stage Bahar treatment - 360 days Weekly schedule Basal dose Cane maturation spray Ethephon Applications and Precautions Pruning Flower enhancer spray Honey Bee attractants Fruit thinning method Spine cutting Sun burning Disease and pest management in the bahar Fruit quality Cotton cake slurry Questions and answers Day 10: Conclusion Methods of effective application of agrochemicals, bioagents, slurry and harvesting, grading, packaging, marketing Safe handling of chemicals Preparation of Bordeaux mixture Review Questions and Answers The Medium of Language:- Hindi

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What will you learn in Training?

About Us – Our Journey

Precision Pomegranate Farming 10 Day’s Index

Pomegranate scenario (Global And Domestic) a. Opportunities for pomegranate Grower b. Advantages of pomegranate c. Nutritional Value of Pomegranate d. Health Benefits of pomegranate e. Limitations Of Pomegranate farming f. Pomegranate Farmer Should Have These 6 Things

Pomegranate Variety - Characteristics and Economical importance of different Pomegranate Varieties

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