Pomegranate farmer journey - one step towards progress- Rajasthan
21 January 2023

Pomegranate Kisan Yatra is being run by FARM DSS since last 3 years. The next phase of this journey is also being completed with great enthusiasm.

In this phase, the training was completed yesterday on July 21, 2023 in Jiwana, Rajasthan. More than 1200 pomegranate farmers participated in this training. Dalimbaratna Mr. BT Gore Sirji guided on all the necessary things to take pomegranate towards higher direction, in which,
1. Spring Management (Schedule)
2. Nutrient Management (Schedule)
3. Disease and Pest Management (Schedule)
4. Irrigation Management (5 Important Points)
5. All these important components were included in the list of works to be done for quality production.